One2One Midwifery

Katy Goldsmith, Hamilton Midwife -  Free Pregnancy Testing and Midwifery Care

About me

My Name is Katy Goldsmith, I am a registered Midwife working in the Hamilton and surrounding areas. We have just opened our new clinic which is located 384 Peachgrove Road, Chartwell, Hamilton, where we will meet for each appointment.  I keep a small caseload to allow more time to spend One to One with woman and their families.

My husband and I have three children and through my experiences with them it has inspired my passion in midwifery.

My Philosophy

As part of my developing philosophy, I believe that a woman's pregnancy and childbirth is the most powerful and meaningful event in which defines a woman's  rite of passage into motherhood.

A woman's birth experience is one of the most life changing events that a woman will go through and forever be reflected upon and remembered throughout her baby's life. I would like the opportunity to  work alongside a woman and her family to provide woman centred care, and experience their journey into parenthood.